How to analyze your water sample

In order to get the correct analysis result when using our tests, you need to follow these simple steps:

1. Analysis of selected samples should be carried out as soon as possible after sampling. Our tests are specifically designed to allow testing on the sampling site.

2. Water sample should have a temperature of about 20 degrees. Often water from natural sources is colder, in which case it needs to be heated to room temperature. You can simply hold the vial in your hand for a few minutes.

3. It is mandatory to strictly follow the test instructions, which are included in the test. The measurement must be carried out exactly within the specified time period after adding the reagents.

4. In the case of colorimetric tests, the color comparison of the solution with the color scale should be carried out in the daylight. Place the vial on the scale and observe the solution color from above through the open neck of the vial.

Please note that the tests are designed to rapidly assess the water quality. If the test shows that the permitted values are exceeded, an additional analysis should be carried out in an accredited laboratory to decide on the need for additional water purification.