SIA MedEcoTest develops and produces test kits for express chemical analysis.

MedEcoTest test kits are very simple tools for on-site chemical analysis of water, soils and other samples.

Test kits for express chemical analysis

Our tests are based on the use of chromogenic (color) reactions. Tests include dry formulations of reagents or ready-to-use reagent solutions.

With the help of our products, chemical analysis can be carried out within 5-20 minutes at the sampling site out-of-laboratory.

Applications of MedEcoTest kits:

Environmental application

Test kits may be used for rapid detection of the uncontrolled spreading of pollutants in waste waters or soils. Rapid field methods are a particularly useful means of limiting the amount of damage in the event of accidents concerning surface and ground waters, due to the rapid availability of the analytical information that they provide.

The importance of environmental monitoring of surface and ground water quality reflects in UN Sustainable Development Goals, i.e. Goal 6: “Clean Water and Sanitation”. The indicator methodology that is introduced in this program defines a water quality index that is based on the determination of basic parameter groups in water:

– oxygen

    This group includes the following parameters: chemical oxygen demand or COD, biological oxygen demand or BOD, dissolved oxygen, permanganate index

– salinity

     This group includes the following parameters: electrical conductivity or EC, total dissolved solids or TDS

–  nitrogen

   This group includes the following parameters: nitrate ions, nitrite ions, ammonium, total nitrogen

–  phosphorus

 This group includes the following parameters: orthophosphates, total phosphorus

–  acidification

This group includes the following parameters: pH index, acidity, alkalinity

Drinking water, water filters installation

Test kits are employed for control measurements in drinking water, surface and ground waters before and after treatment systems (filters) installation. Such ready-to-use methods are useful for monitoring compliance with the permissible concentration range for the specified parameters.

Potable water testing is especially important on ships and vessels. The WHO guidelines for drinking water quality state that drinking water should be tested daily for residual chlorine concentration, pH, and corrosion-related contaminants: iron, copper, zinc, lead and nickel. The sensitivity of our express tests for water analysis allow determining different parameters in water in accordance with minimum requirements for parametric values used to assess the quality of water as defined in the Directive (EU) 2020/2184 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 December 2020 on the quality of water intended for human consumption.

Swimming pool water, water heating systems

Test kits can be used to monitor and control processes (e.g. internal water treatment plants and disinfection systems). Such express testing methods can be used for determining for the presence of a certain substance with the prescribed content (e.g. chlorine in pool water, hardness in circulating water)

Educational applications

Test kits may be used for preselection of samples for analysis in the laboratory, and selection of the most suitable analytical method (concentration range, interferences) and also for the demonstration of how chemical analysis works. Test kits are easy to use by students. Test kits can be used to teach the decision process of selecting the analytical method considering the desired detection limit and ability of the test to overcome possible interference from other components in the sample.

The examples of students projects that can be realized with MedEcoTest equipment:

– testing nitrate concentration in snow and surface waters to assess the environmental pollution;

– testing heavy metal content in soils near the roads and highways;

– testing ascorbic acid and polyphenol content in fruits and vegetables;

– testing nitrate and nitrite content in cured meats – controlling various chemical parameters during plant growth experiments (water, soil, or plant tissues analysis).

Agricultural applications

Test kits for soil and hydroponic solutions analysis can be used for the assessment of soils fertility and/or pollution.

There are different types of test kits:

Test kits for express chemical analysis

Tests have been developed to determine:

  • more than 70 analytes in water: color, turbidity, pH, PO, alkalinity, dissolved oxygen, total hardness, calcium, magnesium, ammonium, nitrates, nitrites, phosphates, fluorides, chlorides, sulfates, sulfides, sulfites, iodides, active chlorine, ozone, bromine, silicon, boron, potassium, molybdenum, total iron, iron(II), iron(III), manganese, chromium(VI), total chromium, zinc, silver, copper, nickel, aluminum, cobalt, phenols, formaldehyde;
  • more than 20 analytes in soils: humic acids, ammonium nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen, mobile phosphorus, mobile manganese, potassium, mobile copper, mobile zinc, mobile molybdenum.