How to buy tests for water and soil analysis

If you would like to buy tests for water or soil analysis, the first thing you need to do is to decide which parameters you plan to determine in your samples.

To place an order or get a consultation, please reach us by email or WhatsApp.

You can establish what parameters need to be determined in your water or soil samples in the following ways:

1. You can contact us for consultation. For each type of water sample (drinking water, boiler water, waste water, pool water) there are list of commonly determined indicators, and our specialists will be able to suggest the parameters for you.

2. If you have already analyzed your water before, check the analysis report to see which parameters exceeded the permitted values. These parameters need to be checked first.

3. If you plan to analyze natural water, then you can use previously obtained water monitoring data for your region to select the parameters to be determined. For example, such data is provided by Veselības inspekcija.

Once you have selected the parameters you would like to determine in your samples, you need to decide how often you plan to perform the analysis. Our assortment includes various packages: from 1 to 200 tests.