Ārpuslaboratorijas analīze

Chemical analysis is carried out in order to find out the chemical composition of the object, the content of certain components in it. Comparing the content of the component with the established standards, a conclusion is made about the safety of the object of analysis.

One of the most widespread example of water chemical analysis is hardness determination. Hard water creates deposits on various household appliances, surfaces of heating elements, pipelines, and so it can lead to their damaging. You should know the hardness of your water for the correct dosage of detergent for your washing machine or to set the appropriate water hardness for your coffee machine. The daily basis and the need for hardness determination in all environments including homes makes hardness ready-to-use tests the best suitable method.

The advantages of the on-site chemical analysis:

  • the decreased possibility of sample composition changes that could be caused by storage and transportation
  • time and costs are minimized
  • the use of simple instruments and tools allows easing the operator qualification requirements
  • screening tools, approximate classification of the samples for the subsequent laboratory analysis

What MedEcoTest offers for on-site chemical analysis:

  • MedEcoTest test kits are very simple tools for on-site chemical analysis of water, soils and other samples
  • MedEcoTest kits contain plastic or glass tubes containing pre-mixed reagents for measuring of various analytes. All you need to do is to add these reagents to your sample and wait 2 to 20 minutes until the color develops. Using the specially designed color scale or portable photometer you can determine the analyte concentration in mg/L or other units
  • Our color scales have been designed with the help of color analyzers and they are produced using professional printing equipment. The accuracy of our test kits is ensured by continuous routine testing of color scales in our analytical laboratory using certified standard solutions
  • MedEcoTest kits do not contain toxic materials. Our test kits contain very small amounts of powdered reagent mixtures (usually 0.1 g) or very diluted (less than 1%) water solutions. The reagents are packed into high quality plastic microtubes or dropping bottles which eliminates the risk of accidental spillage. MedEcoTest kits can be used by any person including school-aged children under supervision

MedEcoTest kits can be used for wide range of purposes:

  • environmental analyses of waters and soils, wastewater analysis;
  • water treatment, drinking water;
  • agricultural, farming, or hydroponics related analyses;
  • education, research, and citizen science purposes.